Abu Dhabi – Conferences by the Persian Gulf

Abu Dhabi boasts luxurious conference hotels that wouldn't look out of place in Arabian Nights. The capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the perfect location to hold your convention, conference, meeting or seminar.

You and your conference guests can take advantage of first-class infrastructure. A modern convention centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology and superb conference hotels.

Fly & Meet at Abu Dhabi

The emirate is known worldwide for its enormous petroleum deposits and majestic mosques. Bordering on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, Abu Dhabi enjoys a privileged location on the Persian Gulf. The surrounding region consists mainly of desert, salt flats and an impressive, 400-kilometre coastline.

The capital of the emirate is built on a small island jutting into the Persian Gulf. Several bridges connecting the metropolis with the mainland.  Maqtaa, Mussafa and Sheikh Zayed Bridges are the main transport links to the Arabian Peninsula.

Abu Dhabi - An easy reachable conference destination

It is easy to get to your conference by air.  Abu Dhabi International Airport is an international hub and the home base of Etihad Airways. Taxi cabs, buses and trams provide fast transit to the city centre. An underground railway line is currently under construction and will be linked up with the Dubai Metro in due course.

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Abu Dhabi is an impressive city with an outstanding range of business and leisure facilities. Luxury hotels, spas, golf courses, Formula 1 motor racing, museums and theatres are as much a part of social life as the palatial shopping malls. Shop until you drop before recuperating at one of the many exquisite cafés, clubs or restaurants.

What else is there to discover?

Just a few minutes away from the bustling city centre, the stunning beach invites you to relax by the sea or enjoy sports. The perfect way to unwind after a strenuous day of meetings or conferences.

The emirate on the Persian Gulf is home to sumptuous hotels that combine oriental tradition with western modernism. Whether you're looking for a golf oasis, beach resort, luxury establishment or palatial grand hotel, you are sure to find the perfect venue to hold an unforgettable meeting, conference or seminar.

Besides top-class hotels, white mosques, turquoise waters and gigantic sand dunes, Abu Dhabi also offers some of the world's best gastronomy. Enjoy Arabic and international cuisine. Maybe your trip is scheduled for February, when the annual gourmet festival invites the world's best chefs to create a culinary feast of superlatives.

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